A former Rajya Sabha member booked 63 prepare tickets in a month, used solely 7

NEW DELHI: A former Rajya Sabha member has been discovered to have booked 63 prepare tickets in January 2019 however availed solely seven of those whereas claiming reimbursement for all of them, resulting in further fee of ₹ 1,46,920 by the Parliament secretariat to the ministry of Railways.

The chief (identify withheld) was a CPI(M) Rajya Sabha member from West Bengal. Former Parliamentarians are additionally entitled to free first AC prepare ticket when travelling alone or a AC Tier-II ticket when travelling with a companion.

This former MP had booked 63 prepare tickets within the month of January 2019 however travelled solely on seven of these tickets. He sought reimbursement for all of the 63 tickets, costing ₹ 1,69,005. The price of the seven tickets he used is just ₹22,085. Authorities needed to bear the additional price of ₹1,46,920.

The Rajya Sabha secretariat has discovered a number of situations of MPs and former lawmakers reserving a number of tickets and never availing of them but looking for reimbursement. Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu had directed the Rajya Sabha secretariat to look into the difficulty after it was delivered to his discover.

In one other case, that of a sitting member of Rajya Sabha, the officers discovered that the particular person had undertaken a journey solely on 15% of the tickets purchased in January 2019 however sought reimbursement for all tickets.

For calender yr 2019, Railways has requested the Rajya Sabha secretariat to pay ₹7.eight Crore for ticket bills of sitting and former members. That is just one/three of the expenditure on prepare ticket by Parliamentarians, each former and sitting, and their companion, spouses. The remaining 2/third shall be paid by the Lok Sabha.

Railways is more likely to quickly alter its software program to differentiate between prepare bookings by MPs of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

Rajya Sabha secretariat has already suggested the members to cancel the tickets they don’t use, failing which the associated fee shall be recovered from them.

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